1. Assess the situation in your company

    • Understand what’s happening in your organisation by finding examples of good and poor safety practices
    • Measure your safety culture using our simple Together in Safety Questionnaire
    • Ensure the completing of the questionnaire is led by the Owner/CEO
    • Ensure the anonymous feedback is requested from all levels in the company
    • Repeat the questionnaire at various intervals to understand the progress being made
    Download the questionnaire
  2. Act based on the Together in Safety Resources

    • To set your organisation up for success, download our successful implementation pack
    • Use the the focus areas below to find and adapt relevant materials
    Download the implementation pack
  3. Appraise and verify the progress made

    • Use our Resources section to get ideas on verification processes and checklists
    • Verify the actions have been put in place and meet with your team
    • Keep repeating the process to make the environment safer
    View verification resources

Become a Safety Advocate

Demonstrate your ongoing commitment to safety and join hundreds of companies

Become a Safety Advocate

Give feedback to help others

Help make this better for everyone by feeding back your learnings by answering four simple questions

    For example: Incident prevention
    For example: 1 day, 3 weeks, 6 months
    We may reach out with questions about your feedback