Our people are proud to share their thoughts on what we have achieved so far with Together in Safety.

INTERTANKO and its members are fully committed to safety in the tanker sector and we are happy to work across the wider shipping industry through “Together in Safety”. We see great potential in sharing best practises across all sectors to drive improved safety performance and learning from each other.


Katharina Stanzel
Managing Director INTERTANKO

Every sector across our industry faces its own safety challenges. And while there may be differences in the types of ships that we use, the opportunity to learn from each other and to positively impact safety across our industry is vast. Together in Safety provides an ideal platform for all shipping sectors to unite for the common good of the safety and wellbeing of our seafarers.


Bud Darr 
Executive Vice President, Maritime Policy and Government Affairs MSC GROUP

Collaboration across our industry will make the step change we need in safety, and ‘Together in Safety’ is the vehicle we need to drive that collaborative approach. The Golden Safety Rules are a perfect example of how, working together and sharing of our collective best practices and information, we can unite the industry for the benefit of all. The Rules are straightforward, easy to understand and I hope that our industry can commit to implementing them.


Graham Westgarth
Chief Executive Officer, VGroup Limited

Safety is at the core of all our operations and it is essential that we do everything possible to ensure the health and safety of our employees. Together in Safety introduces a modern, ground-breaking approach to the shipping industry which can bring a step change to wellbeing, safety and environmental care.


Andrew Taylor 
CEO of UK P&I Club

Nothing is more important to me than keeping our staff healthy and away from harm. The Together in Safety initiative was born out of an unwavering passion for safety to promote and encourage improved working practices, providing a ‘Rolls Royce’ standard of training for all. A uniquely powerful collaboration with only one focus – safety!

Hugo Wynn-Williams
Chairman of Thomas Miller

Together in Safety is bringing the shipping industry together in our quest for a zero incident industry – all sectors, all companies, all bodies. Safety is not only about compliance with regulation – it’s about more than clean certificates. Safety is created every day on board ships, when skilled and passionate seafarers are working together. The safety tools from Together in Safety will help everyone to improve safe work practices.

Andreas Nordseth
Director General, Danish Maritime Authority

Shipping is one of the most hazardous industries in the world. Together in Safety provides the opportunity to dramatically improve the safety performance across every shipping sector. The programmes are proven and easily accessible, and free to use. I would ask every shipping company, every owner and every manager, to be part of Together in Safety. As leaders of the global shipping industry, we have the power to make the changes, and ensure that every seafarer goes home safely to their families and children.

Dr Grahaeme Henderson
Chairman, Together in Safety 

A key challenge that we face is the lack of standardisation across our industry with regards to the classification of safety events. We know that good data is a crucial component for us to better understand where our biggest risks lie. We do not want to wait for serious incidents to occur and then act, but instead to work together to fully utilise the available data to understand where to take action now. As leaders in our industry, I believe it is our responsibility to take action and improve safety together.

Guy Platten
Secretary General at International Chamber of Shipping

On behalf of INTERCARGO, we would like to express our strong commitment to the ‘Together in Safety’ Initiative. The safety of our crews and their vessels is not optional, and we strongly encourage our members to support and make the most of this valuable resource – it is an invaluable addition to the safety programmes currently being undertaken within our community.


Dimitris J. Fafalios
Kosta G. Gkonis
Secretary General, INTERCARGO

We are thrilled to be supporting the ‘Together in Safety’ initiative and its drive to bring the industry together in pursuit of improved safety. We have made vast gains in many areas of safety over the years, but if we are to really make the step change to an incident free industry, a collective approach across all sectors will be needed. 'Together in Safety' is bringing the industry together for the first time.


Tom Boardley
Senior Advisor, Cruise Lines International Association

'Together in Safety' has the potential to make a real difference to our industry. As a ship owner and operator we have a responsibility to keep our seafarers safe. By sharing best practice and combining our learnings, we have the power to lead the industry towards a safer future.

Paul Wogan
Chief Executive Officer, GasLog Ltd

Our industry is facing many tough challenges, and it is up to us to step forward and tackle these challenges head on. Carnival is fully committed to improving safety in our industry, but we are stronger together than as individuals. Through ‘Together in Safety’ we can combine the strengths of our individual sectors, to come together on our combined path to a zero incident industry.

Tom Strang
Senior Vice President, Maritime Affairs, Carnival Maritime

Improving safety within shipping is a sector-wide challenge that requires everyone to collaborate and learn from each other. I’m therefore delighted to support and participate in ‘Together in Safety’. Through the adoption of the Golden Rules, we can introduce the much-needed standardisation of safety practices that shipping needs. By collaborating, and sharing incidents, data and best practices we can learn from each other and improve together. I encourage everyone involved in shipping to sign-up to these standards.


Nick Brown
CEO, Lloyd’s Register

Safety is first and foremost about people, but it is also about business. Safety is the biproduct of operational excellence and good seamanship – something which is inherently good for earnings. The Together In Safety website is an outstanding collection of guidance to safety management. The knowledge shared here is the accumulation of millions of man hours at sea and can help safety practitioners at all levels get on track towards zero accidents.


David Loosley
Secretary General & CEO, BIMCO

Human performance & wellbeing


Research shows that safe and well-motivated teams are happier and more productive – and we all have a role to play in making sure incidents are reduced and everyone feels that they are being looked after at work.

The Maritime wellbeing website below has a wealth of information on how leaders and individual team members can take steps to improve physical and mental wellbeing.

Data utilisation


The more our industry collaborates, the greater our chances of achieving our vision of an incident free industry. Incident and near miss data is critical to our ability to learn, and sharing data across our industry is how we will truly make a difference.

We have worked together with HiLo Risk Management to support development of a free to use, anonymous data platform.

Golden safety rules

The 9 Golden Safety Rules focus on the work areas known to have a significant impact on safety in the maritime industry – from fall prevention and spotting hazards to hotwork and navigation.

Taking each area in turn, the rules highlight the key issues involved and give operators a series of Dos and Don’ts that can be shared with employees to promote safer working practices.